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Welcome to On The Move Orthotics… a mobile clinic dedicated to keeping you moving!

On The Move Orthotics provides quality, custom-made orthotics to residents of London, Ontario, and nearby communities. Our mission is to alleviate the discomfort in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and lower back that has developed due to your foot structure and/or poor alignment.

On The Move Orthotics delivers quality custom-made foot orthotics to your home.

Why utilize valuable time travelling to a clinic, when a Registered and Certified Pedorthist / C. Ped (C) is prepared to come to you?

When you choose On The Move Orthotics for your custom orthotic devices, a comprehensive assessment and casting of your feet are completed in the comfort of your home. The devices are fabricated in our own orthotic laboratory, and delivered to you within 1-2 weeks. When your orthotic devices are delivered, we will ensure that they fit properly, both to your feet and into the shoes you intend to wear them in. We will also follow up with you to ensure that your orthotics are comfortable and your symptoms are improving.

Making custom orthotics in London Ontario. Amy Ellis, Certifiend Pedorthist and owner of On The Move Orthotics, a London Ontario Orthotics Clinic, pours Plaster of Paris into an impression of a patient's foot.
Plaster of Paris (or Gauging Plaster) is poured into an impression of the patient's foot.

Custom orthotics are included in most extended health benefit plans.

Many people wear orthotics to address pain and discomfort associated with altered biomechanics. For some, orthotics are required to get them through the work day. For others, the use of custom made orthotics enables continued participation in sport and leisure activities. Since this service is delivered by a Certified Provider of custom orthotic devices, it is included in the vast majority of health benefit plans.

On The Move Orthotics is a Provider for Green Shield Canada.

We are a Provider of Custom Foot Orthotics for patients covered by Green Shield Canada health benefits plan. If you have Green Shield Canada coverage, you may download the Claim Form for Custom Foot Orthotics PDF.

Green Shield Canada

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your custom orthotics we want to hear from you. Occasionally an orthotic device will need to be adjusted for your comfort and the cost of this service is included with your orthotics.